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Tire Changeover Services at Brockville Oil and Tires

Timely tire changeover services are critical, as out-of-season tires wreak havoc on your vehicle’s handling, tread life, fuel efficiency, and ride comfort.  But with Brockville Oil & Tires by your side, you can skip the lengthy service lines, forget about tire shortages, and save time and money on every tire swap.

Read on to learn more about tire changeover services or call us at (613) 342-3000 to speak directly with a member of our team.

When should I book a tire changeover service?

There are two types of tire changeover services: seasonal services and elective services. Seasonal services involve switching from all-season tires to winter wheels, or vice versa, whereas elective services are those requested by drivers after tire upgrades or before-and-after racing events.

For the most part, seasonal services are easy to schedule and predict—when the seasons change. You should book your winter tire changeover before the roads turn white, and all-seasons should go back on once the winter thaw is behind you.

To be more specific, book your winter tire changeover as soon as temperatures consistently fall below 7 degrees Celsius. This is when the rubber compounds in all-season tires stiffen up and stop working as intended. Likewise, you should switch back to all-seasons once the temperatures rise consistently above 7 degrees Celsius, as winter tire compounds get too soft and wear quickly in warm weather.

Elective services are different, and the timing is up to you. Whether you’ve got a big race day around the corner, or you just upgraded your wheels and tires and want to put your new rubber on the road, we can work with your schedule!

Save money on tire changeover: Work with a one-stop shop in Brockville, ON

To save Brockville drivers time and money on their tire changeover service, we offer:

  • Full support with tire changeover, offering tire inspection, removal, mounting, installation, and storage services under one roof
  • One-stop shop convenience, with the capacity to work with all makes and models and tire types, and a wide range of auto services and replacement parts, so you can complete multiple services at once
  • Multiple service bays to eliminate potential wait times and accommodate multiple vehicles at once
  • Tire changeover promotions, including exclusive shop sales and official tire rebate programs to help you save on your next upgrade
  • One of the largest selections of brand-name tire products in Brockville to simplify tire upgrades and replacements

Get a free quote on tire change services

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